• Ključ za pristupačan toalet Ključ za pristupačan toalet

    European toilet key


    People with disabilities who travel a lot and are actively involved in social activities know very well the discomfort caused by not having an accessible toilet. It is equally disturbing when there are accessible toilets that are locked and nobody knows who has the key. Accessible restrooms are usually locked to prevent their use by people who do not need to use them. Actually, it is not known what the bigger problem is. An accessible toilet that is locked or an accessible toilet that is unlocked but soiled by those who can stand and are not forced to sit on the toilet seat.

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  • Stolica za ulazak u more Stolica za ulazak u more

    Beach Accessibility Technology in North America


    SEATRAC is a mobility technology that has been available on beach destinations throughout Greece and the Mediterranean since 2012 and is now becoming available in the Western Hemisphere. TOBEA West, Inc. is now introducing the unique accessibility system to North America, South America, the Caribbean as well as Israel.

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